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Areas of Practice

After 8 years with another firm, primarily focusing on bankruptcy, I decided to open up my own office. I set my firm apart by the direct attorney involvement on every case and the analysis that goes into every case.

We Know How to Help You

While we understand that the judicial system is always an option, we pride ourselves on bringing a common-sense approach to problems. We understand that it’s often better for our client to avoid filing a lawsuit, or having one filed against him. With this in mind, we analyze every dispute and recommend a course of action that we believe is the most reasonable, cost effective, and beneficial to our clients. Our goal with any client is to get his legal matter resolved as quickly and stress-free as possible.


The dissolution of a marriage can be a painful process. Assets must be divided, children cared for, and family and friends are often forced to take sides. The legal side of your divorce should not add to the stress of your situation. If it is time for you and your spouse to go your separate ways, we can help guide you through the legal proceedings in a way that protects your interests and minimalizes stress. If you have kids, we can help you develop a parenting plan that looks out for their best interest.



Adoption is a legal process you can utilize to provide a better life for a child who deserves one. Adoption is a wonderful thing, but adoption law can be complex. If you are seeking to adopt a child, let us assist you by simplifying the process and making the best possible case for you.

Child Support

Is your former partner not paying their child support? The law is clear on the issue of child support and requires that they assist you with the care of your children. Do you owe child support and are financially unable to pay the full amount each month? We can work to make a case to lower your payments to an amount you can afford but still provide care for your children. If you are behind on support, we can work to set a plan for repayment that you can afford.


If you are in a dispute of any kind—landlord/tenant, breach of contract, etc.—that warrants legal action, we can fight for you. We can compel another party to stop or start action in accordance with their agreements with you, and you may even be entitled to compensation.


Entering into an agreement with another party? Let us draft your agreement in a way that protects your interests and is agreeable to both parties. You never want to find yourself without a paper trail when a deal goes wrong or without language that protects you from a lawsuit. Our experienced attorneys can protect you from just that.


Our children are our future. Often, however, children are not properly cared for by their parents or legal guardians. If you believe that you are the best person to care for a child who is not in your custody, contact us. If the person(s) with custody are unfit, we can present your case in a way that keeps the interest of the child at the center of the legal proceedings.

Criminal Defense

Criminal proceedings are difficult to navigate alone. The court speaks a completely different language than the average citizen, and without an attorney, people are often unduly burdened by the justice system. If you have been charged with a crime, large or small, we can defend you against the state. Whether it is a DUI, drug charge, theft, or anything else, we will tenaciously defend you. We handle cases from traffic infractions to serious felonies. Put our experience to work for you.


Like everyone, you have monthly expenses. Sometimes, the circumstances of life may prevent you from making all your payments. We understand the financial hardships of life, and so does the court. If you are facing looming debt and getting mercilessly harassed by creditors, contact us. Take the first step toward financial stability: hire us to help you through a bankruptcy. Andrew is one of the only Consumer Bankruptcy Law Specialists in the area and has years of experience handling bankruptcy and related matters.

Property Deeds

We understand that your property is important to you. We also understand that property can be difficult to handle legally. That is why we offer legal services that let you take better control of your private property. If you need a quitclaim deed, warranty deed, or deed of trust, look no further. We can handle property issues you have quickly and professionally.

Wills and Power of Attorneys

If you need a power of attorney for someone you trust to look after your financial or medical interests, we can help. You can grant this power to one or more persons effectively immediately or upon your incapacitation. We can also create your last will and testament. Take control of what becomes of your property, vehicles, personal effects, and investments upon your passing. Contact us today to quickly compose and execute these important documents.

Estate Planning

The legal complexities of planning your estate are not something to tackle without a skilled attorney looking out for you. Whether it be a will or a trust, let us help you determine what route best suits your needs. Contact us today for guidance on making a difficult time for your family a little easier.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured by another party, you may be entitled to compensation. Have you racked up thousands in medical bills, lost compensated time at work for physical therapy, or undergone extreme pain and suffering as a result of your injury? We can help you take control of your personal injury and get you paid.


Losing a loved one is hard on the entire family. The pain of their loss should not be compounded by the difficulties of probate. Contact us to more easily gather your loved one’s assets, pay their debts and taxes, and distribute their assets as needed. We understand you will be hurting, but we will work to ensure that probate procedure does not contribute to the pain.


No one enjoys asking for money owed to them. You can spend countless hours only to come up empty handed. Let us handle the task for you. We can collect monies owed to you with the full power of the law. Contact us today to find out how our collection practice can benefit you.

Student Loan Advice

Our culture convinces young people that they must attend college, and, for their future’s sake, they must attend the best school they can. This often leads to substantial amounts of debt. Usually, these loans do not have to be paid until after graduation but have exorbitant interest rates. Contact us to explore your repayment options, which may be far less than your current balance.

Debt Settlement

If you have debts you are unable to pay but would like to avoid bankruptcy, call us to learn about settling your debt for less. Sometimes, all you need is a skilled attorney who is willing to negotiate with your creditors.

Small Business Representation

In an increasingly complex business world, all businesses need an attorney looking out for them. Many businesses, however, do not need and cannot afford to pay a high-priced attorney. We understand the position of small businesses like yours in our community, and we can assist you when you need it. We offer reasonable retainers that allow you to have an attorney available and familiar with your business, its needs and challenges.

General Practice

Our office handles a plethora of matters not specifically listed herein. Feel free to give us a call today to see if we can help with your issue.

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